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One-on-One Custom Coaching for Targeted Results

 The Choice Dynamics career transition coaching model is designed to accommodate the career goals and job search needs of our candidates. Our role is to help the candidate achieve a degree of stability after their job loss and then to provide guidance, knowledge, professional support and search tools in a way that enables them to take control of their career search. We are committed to a one-on-one coaching model that:

  • Identifies the current issues and/or needs of the candidate, i.e. creating a resume, transitioning to retirement, preparing for an interview, etc.
  • Personalizes and tailors our coaching style to meet their goals.
  • Continually reaches out to the candidate to foster and build a comfortable coaching relationship.
  • Delivers coaching services aligned with Choice Dynamics’s proven best practices for professional and executive level candidates.

The Choice Dynamics model is designed to provide job search coaching to candidates in order to quickly move them into the marketplace.

Resume Critique

The resume is the first impression. How do you want to appear? The Choice Dynamic Coach will assist you with building a resume that is:

  • Professional and relevant
  • Optimized with key words
  • Formatted in best practices compatible with today’s use of technology

Ongoing Contact & Maintenance

The coach will maintain contact with the candidate to provide support and help candidates stay on track during the job search process. The Coach will reach out to candidates at least once every 2 weeks unless other agreements are established between candidate and coach.

It is important to note that candidates with more senior-level positions typically take longer to land.  


Job Search Communications

We will assist you in developing communications such as:

  • Cover Letters
  • Target Marketing
  • Follow-up correspondence

Interview Preparation

Candidates should be able to express themselves with clarity and precision during interviews. Choice Dynamics will assist with interview preparation in:

  • Transition Statements
  • Introductory Statements
  • Behavior Interviews
  • Informational Interviews

Job Search Strategies

It is important that the client engage in a multi-faceted approach to the job search that includes networking as well as many other things. The Coach will assist the candidate in identifying resources and offer feedback to help manage the process.


The Choice Dynamics coach will assist and give feedback regarding compensation packages and benefits.