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Corporate Coaching

Professional coaching is a significant trend in leadership development because its delivering results. According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, 99% of people who have been coached were satisfied with the experience and the vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back. Research has proven coaching can be a very effective catalyst for change.

Executive Leadership Coaching

helps leaders become more self aware and continue to stretch and grow as stewards of the organization. Coaching can help leaders increase their ability to influence and lead, help them develop others, and to take on expanded roles in new areas of engagement. Coaching provides the framework and confidential space for leaders to express their thoughts, ideas and vision for themselves and the future. The coaching relationship encourages leaders to expand their thinking beyond ordinary limits and to step into their unique leadership styles in order to make a greater difference and to have a greater impact at work and in the world.


Performance Coaching

focuses on defining, developing and enhancing the critical skills needed to be successful in one’s current role. The coaching process will explore strengths and roadblocks in order to help individuals be the best they can be. The coach and client are partners in the client’s success!


Team Coaching

helps teams understand how to work better together and increase productivity by improving relationships. Because you can put a lot of high performing individuals on a team and still have performance issues, the focus of team coaching is on interpersonal skills and interactions rather than on individual development (as with one-on-one coaching).  The coach is the facilitator; the client is the entire team. The coaching process takes teams to new levels of performance by reducing conflict, clarifying goals and roles, helping to establishing agreements and rules of engagement so they can focus on the team’s real work. As teams revive, re-tool and thrive, increased motivation and heightened morale are expected bi-products of the process.


Coaching Programs Development and Oversight

Partner with our team at Choice Dynamics to unlock your organization’s potential through professional coaching. We can help you design, develop and provide oversight for a coaching programs that is customized to deliver the results and outcomes you are looking for. These coaching programs can transform your workplace, empower your employees, expand effectiveness, mend morale, and inspire impactful leaders. Why wait? Let us help you successfully implement a coaching program at your organization to create a renewed corporate culture.